Safety First

At Litman Excavating, safety is our first priority. We meet and exceed safety requirements, every single time.

Policies and Practices

At Litman Excavating, our dedication to safety is more than a requirement — it’s our first priority. All employees are trained and educated on proper jobsite safety from day one before they ever see a jobsite or operate equipment. We mandate continued jobsite training throughout the year.

Zero Tolerance

When it comes to drugs or alcohol, our team operates on a Zero Tolerance policy. If an employee shows up to work after drinking or on any illegal substances of any sort — it’s grounds for immediate termination of employment. Our employee’s safety is of the utmost importance and we do not tolerate the endangering of others.


Litman Excavating is a continued member of ISNetworld and uses its guidelines as the basis of our safety efforts. We continue to meet and exceed all requirements and document and record all activity with the organization.

Job Safety Analysis

At Litman, we encourage all employees to remain active with jobsite safety. We have daily JSA (Job Safety Analysis) meetings that require each employee to fill out a detailed analysis sheet created solely to identify any and all potential hazards before the day begins. This ensures that the required attention and awareness for all aspects of a project are documented.

Stop Work Authority

We also encourage and authorize each and every employee with the ability to shut a project down at any given moment based on any activity or signs of an unsafe work site. All employees are trained to recognize the signs that may endanger others and are given the authority to stop a project on the spot until the situation is identified and resolved.

Buckeye Steps

Buckeye STEPS is a safety network established to host regional meeting forums for members of the Oil & Gas Industry and associated Governmental agencies to actively share industry safe work and recommended work practices, safety alerts and issues, educate membership and reduce workplace injuries. The Buckeye STEPS Safety Network includes Operators and Contractors in the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Product Transmission industry as equally valued members in partnership with OSHA, API, AESC, IADC, IPAA, other trade associations, and educators across the country.

The Network’s goal is to serve all producing regions of the State of Ohio and to eventually share our philosophy internationally. As an active member, our goal at Litman Excavating is to promote the safety, health and environmental improvement in our operation. We foster a work environment that relies upon open communication and trust.

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